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Marmalade-Making Contest

Dear marmalade and jam lovers, welcome to the website of the largest marmalade competition in Central Europe. We offer you a chance to participate in the unique competition in marmalade-making. Competing samples are collected throughout the year, and on the first Saturday in November, the results will be declared during an awards ceremony connected with a public tasting of all the samples. This competition is open for everyone, whether from the Czech Rep. or from abroad. The competing samples may be delivered personally or sent by mail. If you have a competing spirit and know how to make a good marmalade or jam :-) have no fear, read the rules and send your samples to the competition.

If you’re interested, you can read a short history of how marmalade and fruit juice was manufactured in Kunratice as early as in the 19th century in the History section. Pictures from the past competition years are available in the Gallery.

We are looking forward to your participation :-)

Liberecky kraj The competition is under the patronage of Liberec Region Liberecky kraj

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